Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear Crazy Craigslist Lady......

No she didn't try to abduct me. She brought me a dirty, crayoned up toy. And I bought it off her.

Very often in life I am driving away from a situation asking myself "Erin are you on crack?"

This was one of those days.

I have been looking for a Laugh and Learn Home for months on Craigslist and at the consignment shops. No luck. Today I checked craigslist and there was one listed for $40.00. Score! I emailed them and they said they would meet me at the local Stop and Shop to look at it. Cool.

I got there and she pulls out the dustiest, mucked up thing covered in crayon from top to bottom. I was dumb founded. All I could ask was "do you have the balls and other pieces that go with it." She didn't, so after some thinking on my part I offered her $30.00 and decided in my head that a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser would surely take crayon off plastic. And if it didn't I was pretty convinced Gary was going to shoot me.

So after some hemming and hawing (on her part not mine) she said "yeah, I guess I'll take $30.00"......listen lady, you just brought me the most jacked up toy I have seen in ages. Any normal person would laugh at you and walk away. I offered you money for junk, DAMN RIGHT YOU'LL TAKE IT!

So I got it home, busted out the magic eraser and Presto Clean-O! Sparkling new. I had to order the replacement parts on Amazon for the balls and stuff but it was cheap enough so I'm over it. And the best part is the girls love the thing! LOVE!!! So glad I finally found one.

But seriously people. If you're going to try to sell something to someone clean the damn thing first. Heck. If she put 10 minutes of cleaning into that thing she would have had 10 more dollars in her pocket!


Mandy said...

Ha I love cleaning up stuff, it makes me feel thrifty! I am always looking for the dirty toys at totswaps. Such a bad mom!

Cottongirl7 said...

I love craigslist, but you just never know what your going to get do you? I've met some of the nicest and some of the craziest people. One lady found out I was having twins and kept throwing in stuff like outlet covers and door locks. She was so funny. It always feels good to get a deal. :)

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