Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Monday!

It was a GOOD weeekend!

The girls slept 2 nights in a row through the night! Gillian tried to get up at 11 but I hit the remote to her crib soother and she layed back down, mesmerized by it and passed back out!

And we got alot accomplished around the house! When I say "we" I really mean Gary. He got the last 3 windows for our livingroom put in this weekend and they look great!

Now we just need to pick out a paint color for the livingroom, finish the trim around the window's, paint the dumb room, and we will be done. Then its on to the next project. I wonder what the next project is?

I guess its going to be putting in another bathroom downstairs and actually making the laundry room a "room"! Time to get rid of the cement walls in there and make it beautiful. If its not one thing its another around our house!

Thinking back, Gary and I have done sooo much to our house since we got it 5 years ago. We put on a deck, painted the whole outside of the house (by ourself), painted the whole inside, some rooms (like the kitchen) 4 times, redid our kitchen, finished the basement, gutted and redid our bathroom, and put in new windows. We are crazy. We are great DIY'ers thats for sure. I have yet to find something that Gary can't do. The problem now is finding time with 2 kids to do these things!


Mandy said...

So envious! We have done tons of home improvements but I am terrified to do the windows myself! They are at least 30 years old and I'm scared I'll get them out and not be able to put one back in.

GreenVegLife said...

I wanted to stop lurking and tell you I've been following your blog since you were pregnant. I had twins in January, so they are just about one month behind your girls and we lead very parallel lives. I have early walkers, they both seem to have sleepless nights around the same's funny. But- we are going to see a specialist for our daughter who might need a helmet. Any tips? They are ruling out craniosynostosis first, but we'll see! Nice to meet you- Jessica

Erin said...

Jessica! Isn't it great having non sleepers and early walkers!? I think the reason they are non sleepers is becuase they are early walkers though! Lol. I think they are thinking too much about walking to bother with the sleep. As far as the helmet goes, its really not that bad. She doesn't even notice it anymore but the adjustement period kidna sucked! Once you get past that its good though and just think they will have beautiful round heads!

GreenVegLife said...

So nice to meet you Erin. We are on the same page! The girls sleep ok...except when teething. We have our ups and downs, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your stories and knowing we are in the same boat. Our appt. with the craniosynostosis specialist is in 2 hope for the best for us!

Are you in the northeastern part of the country? I live in Western New York.

Lots of sleep and love your way!! Jessica

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