Friday, October 8, 2010

Go to bed........

I put the girls down 24 minutes ago and someone is still up. I think its Finn. I'm not trying to get close enough to find out though.

We have had some major sleep issues in the house lately. Its driving me crazy. Gary got the girls crib soothers yesterday and it has worked wonders for Gillian. She is mesmerized and falls right to sleep. Last night she even got up on and started playing with it on her own and then went back to sleep when she was done. Mission accomplished!

Finley is more complicated though. If she doesn't want to sleep.......she's not going to sleep. She is one hard headed kid thats for sure. I'm wearing her down tonight though. I refuse to go in there. She can whine all she wants but I'm not budging! Unless of course she starts crying crying and then well, I'm not that cruel but for now I am going to win!!!

The real issue has been around 11 when Gillian usually gets up and thinks its time to play. I run in there every time they make a peep and now I realize as soon as they see me they think I'm going to take them out and let them play in their playroom (this is probably because thats what I was doing when they were screaming bloody murder at midnight)

Well this Mama is not being controlled by 2 ten month olds anymore. I'm not running in there unless they are really crying. I'm hoping if they don't see me they will just play and go back to sleep. I have Gillians crib stocked with 4 pacifiers, her Pooh Bear, blankie and sippie cup. Everything she needs to get a good nights sleep! Lol. Now sleep kid. SLEEP!

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Cottongirl7 said...

Good luck! It gets better, honest. Remind me I said this though once I move mine into toddler beds ok? lol. :)

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