Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Give me my donut and stop crapping on my floor!!

Yeah, the title pretty much sums up my night.

The hell started when I left work and went to Dunkin Donuts. I ordered a iced coffee and a Boston creme donut. I was thinking of this order ALL DAY. Dreaming of the delicious donut and coffee.

Anyway, I got to the window handed doofus my debit card and she handed me back my receipt and coffee. I waited for my donut, she closed the window and came back confused. The conversation went something like this:

D&D doofus: Did I give you back your card

Me: Um, yeah, you forgot my donut though

D&D doofus: Oh, I didn't charge you for the donut

Me: Huh? Fine!!! I didn't need your donut anyway!!!

At this point I gave her a death stare and zoomed away as fast and as fierce as I could in my Mom mobile Mazda tribute.


I should have just said " I don't care if you charged me or not, give me my donut!!!!"

But this Mom drove away, donut less....and pissed.

Okay, enough of the donut. I'm mad all over again.

Part 2 of donut less night from hell-

After bath time I had both the girls naked in their bedroom and I was trying to cut Gillian's nails. Yeah, that didn't go over too well. She fought the whole time and I managed to get 4 nails clipped. Brat. Just as I gave up and got a diaper on her I heard a *squirt*. Yeah *squirt*.

I looked over at Finn and she crapped on the floor. Now she has been having some diarrhea so this wasn't fun poop. It was gross poop a big pile of it.

Then Finn pulled a stack of blankets down on it and ran away laughing. Poop covered.

I threw her back in the tub, cleaned up the poop and put the girls to bed.

And seriously, I wish Dunkin Donuts delivered. I would order some donuts. Its that kind of night where I think I could eat a dozen of them.

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Cottongirl7 said...

Blahhh! Stupid D&D! Our day was like that too. Tomorrow will be better, or the cold medicine is going for me. :) Hope your Wed is filled with donuts and lack of poop.

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