Thursday, October 7, 2010

And the fun continues......

Ahhh. Its never ending with me. My life is so drama filled. Is everyone's this interesting for goodness sakes?

So today I left work at 3. I didn't want the girls going to Michelle's when they were still kinda sick and getting her kids sick so I left early.....

I was sitting at a light and heard what sounded like my car being smashed. You know that I just got rear ended sound? Only I braced myself and was never rear ended. I was confused?? Did someone just hit my car? What the hell was that noise? I looked up and saw a car that had just passed me with its passenger side mirror hanging and the whole side of the car scratched. Now I'm more confused. Did that car just hit me? What the hell is going on here?

I finally decided, yes, I did get hit. I had to of. What else was that noise? But the car didn't stop.....nope, they just kept on going, took a left hand turn and just left?!

WTH. I just want to go home to my kids. Now I had to chase the car down and I was pissed. She finally pulled into a parking lot. I was about 5 cars behind her so I am pretty sure she had no idea I was behind her. She was out looking at the damage when I pulled in and I jumped of my car like a bat outta hell and ran to the back to check if in fact I was hit and I was!

My tail light was smashed out. How the hell that was all that happened is beyond me? Her whole side was scraped. I started screaming at her for not stopping. I couldn't even tell you all I said. All I know is it started with "Were you going to F@$king stop"???

Right then I knew she didn't have insurance. I called the cops, and normally I would have just taken her info and left but I had a the cops came and sure as shit, she didn't have insurance. Now in Ct you need insurance, so she ended up having her car towed. That made me feel better for her smashing my light.

This is my second run in with the W.H. Police dept this month. I gotta say, this cop was hot and despite the fact I need a new tail light, he made it a very pleasant experience. Ahhhh. Officer McHoty Mahoney. I'll be dreaming of you tonight!

**And for your viewing pleasure (and it makes me feel good to look at) a picture of her car being towed away......bye bye car. Notice her driver side mirror is ripped off too? That wasn't the side she hit me on, obviously this isn't her first bad driving experience. Dumb chic.

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