Friday, March 20, 2009

Shopping Therapy

So, Gary had to work a double shift today, so I thought what better to take up my Friday night than to go shopping with my mom?? So we headed out to the mall. Surrounded by teenagers I started my shopping spree at Macy's looking for a new pair of shoes (I know, I know, I just bought 2 pairs of shoes 2 days ago.....but like I said before, I love shoes!)I instanly spotted a cute pair of ballet flats in 3 great colors! I decided to go with the bronze color after much debating with my mother and trying on the silver and gold ones too. Then I decided I need some new jeans so off to the Gap I went! After picking out 15 different pairs and going through the hastle of trying them on, wondering when the Gaps sizes started running so small, coming out, showing my mom, checking out my butt and deciding they made me look fat I came out with 2 pairs. Which is better than no pairs! I then swung over to New York and Company and found a great grey trench coat that was $90.00 but on sale for 50% off, then I got my 25% off for being a AAA member so came out with the trench for $33.00! Can't beat that! My final stop was at JCPenny's for a new pair of sunglasses that I scored for $15.00! So, that was my night, pretty fun and eventful if I do say so myself!

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