Monday, March 16, 2009

Holy Gas Batman!

So, since I started on this lupron I have had the worst gas ever! I know this is probably TMI, but its my blog and can talk about what I wanna talk about! So, around noon I got this bright idea to count how many times I **farted** I lost count around 20 something! It is getting to the point where I cant leave my office at work in fear I am going to let one lose in the hall! They are sneaking out at the most inopportune times (like there is ever a good opportunity to fart) after work when I stopped at Payless to buy some new shoes and bent down to grab a shoe and TOOT!! Thankfully there was only a 13 year old boy in the isle (dont ask me why a 13 year old boy was in the girls shoe isle??) and I'm older than him and can fart in a isle if I want to! Now Gary would say I am a farting machine at home......honestly, I'm not, I think I fart a normal amount personally. Well, enough about my farting rant. I just realize I said fart a million times in this blog! Lol, I guess "passed gas" would have been more lady like but hey get real......there is nothing lady like about farting! Alright, off to take my gas making lupron! Gassy days here I come!

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