Monday, March 23, 2009

My crazy black lab.....

So, it is amazing my lab has lived to be 4. Its not that we are not good lab owners or don't take care of our dogs, but really you would have to own a lab to understand what I am talking about. Harley has managed (in the 4 years we have had him) to single handedly eat shingles off the side of my house, the side of my couch (while my niece was dog-sitting and fell asleep for 10 minutes) countless pairs of my panties, heals off of days old pairs of new expensive boots, corners of my chair railing in the kitchen, and to top it all of tonight he decided to sneak into the office where we have all of our kitchen stuff stored while we are remodeling and somehow managed to wriggle the top off of a huge Tupperware storage container and pull out a bottle of puzzle glue!

I wish he stopped there............nope, he chewed the top off and proceeded to lick as much of it as he possibly could out before Gary caught him. All I hear from Gary is "this can't be good"......that's never good to hear out of your husbands mouth! After carefully inspecting the bottle it says 100% safe and non-toxic so I think the idiot is safe but man, talk about a scare! So that was my excitement for the night! The lab strikes again!


Jim and Jenn said...

Hi there,

Jenn here from

Followed you over from TWW and love, love, LOVE, your blog.

As a pet owner myself, I know all too well that moment of dread...."that can't be good"
Thankfully though we have an amazingly lazy, unmotivated cat that really does not get into anything these days!

Sending you loads of babydust on your IVF cycle - crossing my fingers for ya!!!

cat said...

Erin that's so funny although my lab/mix doesn't do that stuff my beagle does it's not fun that's for sure, you'd think after being 4 it would subside a bit huh?

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