Thursday, March 26, 2009

"I wish my husband would stand there like that"

Thats exactly what a woman in the isle said to Gary as he was standing there patiently waiting for me to pick out the perfect pocketbook. At that moment I realized I really do have the greatest husband in the whole entire world. So, I was wandering around and around looking at the pocketbooks and had 3 of them wrapped around my shoulder, I didn't really feel like I "loved" any of them though. I was trying to explain to Gary what I was looking for so he could help me look although, its kinda hard to explain a Hobo bag to any man. After I think he has the concept of the Hobo bag down and we are looking Gary points to a girl down the end of the isle. I couldn't figure out for the life of me why he was pointing at her so after me snipping "what" five times in a row at him he says to me "Is that a Hobo bag"? Sure enough she had the perfect bag wrapped around HER arm! She had that look of uncertainty about her as she wandered around looking at the rest of the bags, the look that said "Do I really love this bag, or do I really wanna spend this much money tonight" I knew it was only a matter of time before she put it back down and when she did I was gonna be there to grab it! Finally after following her down every isle trying to look non-chalant I decided she was onto me and was getting teritorial. You know how woman are, if they think you want something they have then suddenly they want it more? So, I backed off......way off. I went to look at the wallets while she wandered a little more, but I had Gary stay close enough to the hats to keep a good eye on her. Suddenly, I lost her??? And my bag? I had no idea where she went and thought maybe she headed to the register with my bag!! Next thing you know Gary rounds the corner with a smirk on his face and my Hobo bag in his hands! At first I thought maybe he mugged her for his hormonal wife? But she eventually put the bag down and when she did Gary was there to snag it! After I got the bag and looked at the tag I knew why she put it down......$129.00 for a bag?? But Gary said that because I have been so good with my IVF cycle so far he didn't care if I bought the bag. And it was so pretty.......a beautiful cream color, perfect for spring, and Italian could I say no to a husband who was telling me to buy it?? So, off the register I went! And home with my new bag I am!


Anonymous said...

ive spent that much on a bag. its worth it. u deserve it!

Anonymous said...

^that was susy

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