Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pee Pee in the Potty

Hmmmmm.........We may be on to something in this house.

Yesterday Gillian went pee pee in the bathtub. And she freaked when she did it. Personally I thought Finley should be the one freaking but nope, she just laughed that she was sitting in pee water.

So Gillian jumped out of the tub in tears because she was peeing on herself.

Today she did the same thing. I asked her if she wanted to go on her potty and she said "Yeah" so I got her potty out.

Then I decided I was crazy and diapered the girl.

A while later she came running to me yelling "pee pee" and holding her diaper upset. I felt her diaper and sure enough she was peeing.

About 20 minutes later she did the same thing and again I felt her diaper and she was peeing.

Then I decided to take her diaper off since she seems to know when she has the urge to go and showed her where the potty was.

She came flying into the living room about 20 minutes later screaming like a crazy girl in hysterics. "PEE PEE!!!!!" She was peeing on herself and running at me! I threw her on the potty but she was so scared she jumped back off.

I made a big deal about the little bit that got in there though, I screamed and high fived her and she yelled "Yippee I pee peed in potty" and walked around "yeahing" herself. Then we emptied the little bit of pee in the toilet and clapped for her!

Then it was bed time so I had to put another diaper on her. I'm thinking about letting her run around naked for the next few days and see if she can get it.

Is it crazy to think a 22 month old could be potty trained?

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Mandy said...

No, it would be pure bliss if a 22 month old potty trained herself. It would be even better if she taught her sister for you!

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