Thursday, September 15, 2011


This afternoon a cold front came in and the next few days are supposed to be in the mid 60's , unfortunately the girls have nothing but sandals, dress shoes and rain boots right now.

So today I decided to venture out to Target with my girls and get them some sneakers. I must have been insane.

We had a little talk on the way over about how we were going to be good girls and hold mommy's hand, not run off, and not tear stuff off the shelves.

They acknowledged they understood.......I swear they said "yeah" and when I asked them why we were going they both yelled "shoes!"

The problems started as soon as we got in the store. The stupid freaking $1.00 section is right there and Gillian wanted socks. Pumpkin socks. I finally got her away from the sock bin and on our way to the shoes.

After we got to the shoe section I bee lined to the first pair of sneakers I saw. I found the girls sizes and turned around only to find 20 pairs of shoes pulled off the shelves and the girls carrying around Elmo slippers screaming "ELMO." This happened in a matter of 45 seconds. See what twins can do?

I tried to pick up all the shoes I swear I did. The problem was they were pulling them back off faster than I could get them back up. Eventually I threw them all in a pile, mouthed "sorry" to the security camera and dragged my hellions outta there!

They refused to let go of their Elmo's though and insisted on carrying them through the store saying "walk, walk, walk" as they dragged him along. I found a clearance rack on the way out and was looking for some Elmo shirts for the girls while they pulled packages of socks and pajamas off the racks.

At one point Finley came to me with one of those rod's that holds packages saying "Uh-Oh" over and over again. Yeah....."Uh-oh"

I grabbed 2 shirts and booked outta there.

When we go to the register I realized both Elmo slippers were MIA and the girls were begging for M&M's. Me being the good mom I am told them they could have whatever they wanted if they just behaved for the last 3 minutes of our trip.

Of course as soon as the M&M's hit the counter and not their mouth's Gillian threw a fake tantrum, She does this over exaggerated scream thing and then takes 3 steps back and slowly falls back to the ground. Its all very dramatic. I rolled my eyes at her and went on my way but the cashier fell for it and "awwwwwwd" at her then offered her a puppy sticker. Of course Gillian's a sucker for a sticker so she got up smiling and took her sticker.

On the way home we were listening to the radio and the girls were dancing in their seats and I couldn't help but smile.

No matter how insane they make me, I wouldn't change a thing about my life. I love my girls, I am so grateful to have two crazy little girls that keep me on my toes. Things may be easier to do without them but they are definitely not as fun!!

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Trish said...

I can just picture all that going down in Target! And the fake tantrum, oh I can relate to that! I usually put the girls in a cart, one in the front and one in the big section and make our first stop the concession place and get a pretzel or bribe but it usually is worth about 10-15 minutes of pain-free shopping! And I try to meticulously detour around any area where elmo or disney princesses can be spotted because, yes, my girls do the same thing with those items!

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