Friday, September 23, 2011

My prayers have been answered!

Since before the girls were born I've had dreams of dressing them up in little matching outfits with their hair in bows and ponytails.

Then they were born with zero hair. Which kinda dashed my dreams. There were always the headbands but by the time they were old enough to pull them off and resist they did. So those were gone pretty quick too.

Every once in a while I would *try* to put a little pony tail in Gillian's hair since its longer now and she would do her "no, no, no, no, no" thing at me and shake her head wildly. Bummer.

Last week I came home to hair in a ponytail? At first I thought maybe someone came to visit and did her hair while they were hair but as it turns out it was Gary.

Gary asked her if she wanted a pony tail and she said "Yes" and actually let him put one in. What the heck man?

Over the course of the week she's been coming to me taping her head saying "pony tail!"

My prayers have been answered, my patience has paid off! I have a girly looking little girl! Maybe with a pony tail people will stop calling her a "he"...........maybe.

Now if I could just get Finley on board we'd be all set!

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