Monday, September 26, 2011

Just one of those days........

Or maybe should I say "days"-plural.

Where to start?

**Our washing machine broke. Gary thinks he knows whats wrong though so I ordered the ridiculously expensive $100.00 part online and that better do the trick. For now though I'm part less and waiting for it to come in while the laundry piles up. Good thing the girls have enough clothes to last them 2 years.

**Gary is doing some construction work on our house and somehow managed to let a 2x4 drop on my SUV......leaving a nice dent on the hood. Thanks Gary.

**Gillian was wrapped up in her towel tonight and managed to slip on the tile while she was bundled up-meaning she no hands to catch herself. Hence the HUGE fat lip she ended up with when she hit the floor face first.

She was bleeding everywhere, I almost wondered if it was going to be our first ER trip at one point. All I said over and over to her was "I know baby girl, I'm sorry," Oh baby, I know it hurts......I know." Then I gave her some M&M's and managed to get the bleeding to stop.

After that she was 1/2 crying some and saying "Oooh I know" over and over again. Then she'd throw in a "bad bad floor" now and again for good measure than ask me for another M&M. Man that kid knows how to work me huh?

**I cleaned up pee 2x today.....Gillian seemed to be showing some interest in the potty but that has gone out the window and now she is trying to manipulate me for M&M's.

She will tell me she has to go then makes me whip off her diaper and she jumps on the potty for 3 seconds, looks in it, jumps up and screams "Pee Peed" and then yells "YEEEAAAAAH" and holds out her hand and says "M&M".

The problem is she didn't go pee in the potty. Does she really think I'm that dumb?

Tonight after trying the "fake out pee" on me 3 times, and me telling her 3 times she didn't go pee pee so she couldn't have a M&M she took off playing naked in the playroom.

She came out 10 minutes later yelling "YEAH!!! PEE PEE MOMMA.......M&M" and sure enough there was a trail of pee behind her.........with her yelling "YEAAAAH" and holding her hand out for her M&M.

So needless to say, we're going to put this potty crazyness back on hold for a few more months.

**My sweet mother in law ended up in the hospital this weekend and the girls miss her. Of course I do too but I understand whats going on, they on the other hand really just want their mema back. Hopefully she will be out in a couple days. I sure hope so because Finley doesn't like seeing her BFF hooked up to all sorts of tubes. She wasn't too happy that Mema couldn't come for a walk with us around the floor.

So thats been my past few days. Hopefully the next few go better........

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