Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh the questions

Mema has been in the hospital for a couple days and we took the girls to visit her yesterday.

For some reason everyone we saw took the opportunity to ask us "one of those questions" about the girls.

If you're a mom of twins you know all about those questions.......

17 people asked if they were twins. One of these days I'm going to say "No" just to see how someone reacts. Of course they are twins.

2 people asked if they were identical, when I tell them nope fraternal they feel the need to argue that they look "EXACTLY" alike. No they look "NOTHING" alike. But thank you for your opinion.

6 people attempted to guess their age. "They must be about 14 months, 15 months etc...." no one guessed right by the way. Good tries though. Then they went on to say how "tiny" they were. Yes they are tiny. Thank you.

3 people tried to guess who was born first. Why in goodness name this is relevant is beyond me. People seem to think Finley the firecracker was born first. Are the bad ones generally born first?

2 people asked if twins run in my response is always a "no" and then they stare at me blankly waiting for an explanation of where my twins came from. 

3 people "god blessed me" Thank you, I am blessed.

And I got 4 "you got your hands full" comments.

That was my 2 hour trip to the hospital. Can't wait to go back........... 

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