Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dinner Bribes

Maybe I give my kids too many options. You know, I'm that kind of parent that would rather reason with them and get them to *try* to see my point rather than argue with them and have a tantrum break out.

The part of the day that is usually the hardest for me is getting the girls inside for dinner.

I get home from work around 3:40 and start to make dinner usually around 4:30. So this leaves about 50 minutes of play time outside for the girls.

When its time to go in I usually say "Okay girls, lets go inside and play, mommy has to cook" and that is followed by two "No's." Then I go on to explain to them that If I don't cook no one will and try to reason with them some more. It never works though......

Today I decided to try something new. Bribery. Yes you hear me bribery. Today's dinner banter went something like this:

Me: Come on girls lets go in so mommy can make dinner!

Girls: No!!!

Me: Please....mommy will make you chicken?

Girls: NOOO!

Me: Please.....

Girls: No

Me: Do you want an M&M?

Girls: Yeah!!

Me: Okay lets go inside and get one!

And the next thing you know I have two kids running in behind me. Score.

Hey, it may not be the right answer for everyone but its the right one for me!

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Jill said...

I've totally done that, too! Whatever works, right?

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