Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sick Days

Errrr. We went camping this weekend. It was fun, the girls are becoming more manageable now that they are able to crawl and entertain themselves more. However, it is also becoming more of a challenge because they can crawl.

They are into everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. But it still beats trying to figure out how to entertain 2 babies who can do nothing but lay there so I like this better!

Gillian started saying Da-Da (traitor) on Friday too and what sounds like "yeah". Its rather cute if I do say so myself.

Gary and I woke up Saturday night and Finn was on fire. I forgot the thermometer this trip (go freaking figure) and have no idea how high her temp was but she felt pretty darn hot. So we busted out the Tylenol. She was pretty sicky and cranky acting the whole day. I hate when she isn't feeling well. She's my peanut. It upsets me!

Now I'm not feeling so hot. My throat is starting to hurt some. UGH. I have a feeling its going to be one sick house this week.

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