Monday, August 2, 2010

Baby slapping bad times.........

Ohhh boy. We went to Cousin Kelly's Sunday afternoon to spend some time with the family before Gram went back to GA this weekend. Everything was going great, Trevor and Kelly were making homemade pizza's on the grill and we were all having a good time!

Until that is, a white headed hornet decided to land on my poor Finley's forehead and Ben (apparently the only person to notice it) freaked when it started stinging her and smacked her in the head to kill it!

Gasp. I know, it wasn't fun. Poor Finn freaked. I am not sure if the sting made her cry or her huge uncle smacking her in the head did it but she cried.....alot. Thank goodness I had some topical benadryl lotion with me and that took the pain right away. She was back to her good old smiley self after about 10 minutes but it sucked. It sucked bad.

Why O' why did that hornet have to pick her? What did she ever do to it? Piece of junk bug......hurting my baby girl.

Needless to say Gary and I were worried about her all night so she slept in the bed with us, and I woke every 30 minutes to check on her.

She woke up this morning and was fine.....of course. But still scary non the less!

Here is a pic of poor Finn's head.

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