Monday, August 9, 2010

Clearing out the baby junk!

Well, we are turning a corner in our house!

Things are finally starting to get easier, the girls are sleeping more through the night. They are less cranky during the day and just overall "easier" babies.

Now when I say "easier" I mean, happier, nicer, can feed themselves babies. But on the flip side of that they are both crawling now, and getting into everything and that's harder!

But the girls now reject all toys that stay in one place. If they can't walk in it, or move in it they don't want any part of it. So Gary and I decided to take everything the girls weren't using it and we are just going to have a tag sale this weekend.

(can I tell you, on random note that Gillian stands in her crib now instead of sleeps. Because of this new fun-ness I have her in a pack and play next to me in the living room hoping she will pass out. She is leaning her face against the mesh and scraping her fingers and nails down it. Its driving me nuts)

Anyway. I have been looking for some new "big girl toys" for the girls and think I have decided on the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn House and the kitchen too. They both look like a ton of fun.

We are officially clearing out the playroom and making way for new things. I still need 2 more packages of those ABC foamy tile things though. I want to do the whole floor in them.

(go to bed kid, go to bed, please)

Gary and I really need to step up on the baby proofing too. We got those cabinet locks with the magnetic key that need to be installed and we need to go room by room to make sure there is nothing they can get into or hurt on. Should be fun.

(hey if Gillian ever goes to bed maybe I can started)

Seriously though. How do you deal with kids standing in their cribs and refusing to go to bed? I tried ignoring her. She screamed like a banshee. Don't need her waking up Finley......


Mandy said...

Once the girls could stand, we just lowered the mattress all the way down on the cribs. I toss them in and they immediately sit up, stand up, do as they please. They'll fall asleep soon after and I'll go back in and cover them up.
My big problem now is that I have their dressers at the end of their cribs with baskets on top for socks and blankets and they reach their hands through the slats and either grab the clothes and pull them through or push the bins off on to the floor. Of course I refuse to move the bins because they have no other space to sit.

Christina said...

Alex was like that too. Abby learned to fall asleep, no matter what she was doing. Abby can sleep through anything now, lol. I would keep her back there, and keep trying!

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