Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall is coming.....MUST BUY CLOTHES!

Well its getting to be that time again! FALL! I love the fall. The leaves changing, pumpkin picking, apple picking, hot apple cider, Halloween, fairs and Thanksgiving! Eeeeek. Its enough to make me want to squeal!

I am very fortunate to live in the North East where we have the most beautiful changes of the seasons. I am so darn excited! Can you tell??

And with the new season comes new clothes! I LOVE shopping for the girls. I can't stop. I decided to calm down from probably 100 outfits each to maybe 20 tops for the fall and winter. This is going to be hard.

It has taken a ton of strategic planning in my head to make sure to buy items that can be worn in the fall and layered in the winter. I think I am doing pretty good . I got them about 7 outfits each so far.

Can't wait to buy more!!!

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Quadmama said...

I've been trying to buy clothes at the end of each season when they're on clearance. So far I've been pretty good at guessing future sizes. The nice thing about fall here is that many of the clothes can also be worn in spring (jeans, t-shirts, etc). I do enjoy shopping for my girls!

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