Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Helmet Fitting!

Finn went for her helmet fitting today. I am so excited for her to get it. I really just want her head fixed at this point. To me it seems like its nothing but to outsiders it is noticeable. More than one person has managed to make this clear to me in the past month. They verified what I already knew......she has moderate to severe Plagiocephaly and also Brachycephaly. Which basically means she has a wide flat head! Poor baby!

So, she has her next appt in 2 weeks to get it. Then we will start a weaning schedule so she can get used to it and eventually she will be wearing it 23 hours a day for about 4 months. Which means she should have it off around the new year.

I don't care anymore. It sucks but I want her to have a perfect head! And I am sure she will when they are done with her!

I have some pics on my phone of the fitting I will download later! She was a trooper!

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carebear7951 said...

I know of someone whose baby had to wear it (one of a set of quints-a little girl) and she did really well with it. Not problems that the mom spoke of! :) HTH

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