Monday, August 2, 2010

8 Months

Is it even possible the girls are going to be 8 months old in 2 days? Where has the time gone? It amazes me how fast it is all going by. I hate it. I wish I could slow down time.

Gillian is officially a crawling maniac, she flies, she screams usually while crawling too. And not a Happy scream either. More like a "I hate this, why can't I just walk" scream. Its funny, and yet annoying all at the same time!

She is also starting to pull herself up on anything and everything she comes across. Its nerve wracking! I defintatley think she will be walking in the next month. Scary.

Finley on the other hand isn't doing much of anything. Okay, well she is starting to get up on her knees and rock some but only on occasion and she seems to get frustrated with it quickly. She would rather be standing and tries to pull up on whatever she can find too......usually my shirt. Maybe she will skip crawling all together?

Her favorite (and my personal favorite too) thing to do right now is clap. I can't believe she learned to do it so quickly? I was only doing patty cake with her for maybe a month, she's a fast learner. If you tell her "Finley do yeahhhhhhhh" or "do patty cakes" she smiles and claps. She's a ham. Its freaking adorable.

Neither one of the girls is sleeping through the night consistantly yet. They do have their good nights, and to be honest with you usually only get up once a night but still......when will we get to sleep a full night?

And Finn thinks its hysterical to get up at 5:15 each morning. Yeah, real funny. I hope she learns to entertain herself in her crib soon. I can't take too many more early mornings.

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