Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Finley

You are my Wild Child!

When you were in my belly and we would go for our NST's you never did cooperate. You were always moving like crazy or not moving enough or kicking the monitors off. All the nurses and Daddy and I started calling you "bad, bad baby B".

We always said before you were born that we thought you would be Finley. It just seems like a name for a wild girl!

When the doctor pulled you out of my belly you SCREAMED! I mean, Screamed. You were screaming and crying so loud the whole OR was laughing. When they put you in your isolette you tried to kick your way out. You were a feisty one!

I thought then we would have our hands full with you!

But then you turned into the sweetest baby around. You rarely cried, just hung out for the most part. Were always a good girl and a good sleeper. We thought you were the quiet one. Not living up to your name!

Well.....boy O boy were we wrong about you!

You have been a maniac lately. If you don't get your way.....LOOK OUT! You throw yourself on the floor and look just as pathetic as you can. You certainly are a drama queen that's for sure! If Gillian takes something from you or does anything to make you mad you bite her! Poor Gillian! You really should be nicer to your sister!

And man do you get fixated on things! Yesterday when you were taking a bath you wanted to take the frog spout cover off the faucet. I kept pulling you away and trying to distract you but you would have no part of it! You just kept pulling away and going back until you ripped it off.......wonder where you get this side of your personality from? Hm.......

You are crawling like crazy now, you just learned to pull up on things too. But sometimes you are scared to get down so you whine until we come and get you and show you how to fall on your butt!

You also have the cutest smile in the whole wide world and when I make kissing noises at you, you make them back. Your a cutie pie.

And your sleeping through the night! Yippee! Finally! And are always the first to get up. Boo!

You are getting your helmet too on Tuesday and I am so excited to have your head fixed! Hopefully you don't hate wearing it!

I can't believe you are 9 months old already. It seems like yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital. You were so tiny. Only 5lbs the day you came home. You were swimming in your clothes and the snow suit we put on you. I can't believe you have gotten so big.

I got you tons of clothes for the fall and winter too, I bought you 9 month stuff but I think its going to be a little big on you. You will grow into it though!

Well, that's it. I can't wait for the holidays coming up! Halloween! Thanksgiving, our birthdays and Christmas! So exciting! I can't wait to go get pumpkins with you and sissy and for you to have your first Thanksgiving dinner and too see your reaction when you see the Christmas tree all decorated for the first time.

Daddy and I are so grateful for you and Gillian. We love you so much and as crazy and wild as you are I wouldn't trade you for anything in the world! But seriously, please stop biting your sister (and me)!

Love you to pieces


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