Monday, August 30, 2010

Helmet Drama

I am ticked. Now, really it takes alot to get me pissed off. I do consider myself a relatively level headed person, I swear, but when you mess with my kids another person comes out.

We decided for convenience factors to get Finn's helmet from Hanger. Now originally I was going to go with the Doc cranial band. But they are further away and with the frequent visits needed for adjustments I decided to go the easy route. I am so irritated I did at this point.

We went on the 17th to have Finley fitted for the helmet. They told me as soon as the insurance company authorized it they would put it in for fabrication.

Now this didn't worry me because we have GREAT insurance. I can't say enough about our insurance company. They covered my infertility treatments 100%. The only thing I had to pay for was $26.00 for my meds and have always covered everything Gary and I needed done. So, why should this be a issue?

Well, I got a call from the fitter on Friday saying the insurance hadn't authorized the helmet yet. What? Not only would she not get her helmet on Tuesday but she would have to be re-freaking-fitted because they MUST be put in their helmet no later than 2 weeks after the fitting..........

Now the insurance company usually authorize stuff the same day. So I called them this morning to find out what was going on and they told me that Hanger didn't submit the authorization (via fax) until the 25th!!!!! HUH? That was 8 freaking days after she was seen and fitted. Not only that but they requested more info from them on Wednesday (right after they got it) and they haven't got the info back yet either!!!

Hell they told me it takes 5 business days from the date of authorization to fabricate the thing. Which means that at that point even if they authorized it the same day they wouldn't have had enough time to get the thing made anyway. I am pissed.

I called the billing dept and spoke to the girl doing the auth. She's a moron, and apparently thinks I am too. She told me she called right away but they told her it didn't need a auth. Okay, so if that was the case why didn't she give them the go ahead to make the damn thing? Then she tells me "but she knew they were wrong and it did need a auth" Okay idiot. If you knew they were wrong then why didn't you do it? WTH!!! I kindly explained to her that I did this for a living, I know the process and that she dropped the ball.

I am beyond livid right now. Not only do I have to take another day off but my poor Finn needs to go through hell again to get re-fitted. Which means she will be exposed 2x to these x-rays and that irks me.

I feel sorry for them tomorrow when they need to deal with me again. I am not going to take it out on the fitters. They were great, but they will know how displeased I am. AND I will be getting the supervisors name in the billing department, and she will be getting a letter from me about this chick.

Because you dont want to mess with a Mom and her kids!!!!


Momma Chantal said...

I have an award for you on my blog :)

StaCey said...

I'm taking names!

:( sorry this is happening. it'll all turn out okay

Quadmama said...

Ridiculous! She knew they were wrong but didn't take steps to correct the error? I wouldn't even know where to begin the letter!

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