Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Camping trip from HELL!!!

I was so excited for our looooong camping trip this past week.

I took off Wednesday-Monday and we headed up to the campground mid afternoon on Wednesday. It started off okay, unpack, organize the camper, get the girls situated.....blah, blah, blah. But at night EVERYTHING deteriorated!

Gillian decided to kindly cut a 2nd tooth. She was a bear! She was up crying every hour on the hour and no amount of Tylenol was working. I am sure it had to do with the fact she was teething AND she wasn't home but man kid, give me a break!

So the rest of the family got to the campground on Friday afternoon. I thought for sure everything would be okay by then and she would have calmed down but nope, no luck. Each night sucked more than the last!

A couple mornings Gary and I actually got up at 5ish with Gillian and just drove her around so she wouldn't wake up everyone else. Thank goodness there was a Dunkin Donuts about 15 minutes down the road.

Needless to say everyone in the camper was up way earlier than they anticipated (but thankfully were good sports about it) and Mommy and Daddy were exhausted most of the days!

Of course once she got home she slept like a Angel so I am not sure if she just didn't like her sleeping arrangements there or if she slept better because her tooth cut through but I am glad to have my good sleeping baby back that's for sure!

So besides Gillian acting like a maniac most of the time we had tons of family there! Mom Dad , and Sondra showed up on Friday. I think when I saw them drive up I actually yelled "thank freaking goodness!" It helps to have a extra set of hands (or two) when your babies are being mean! And Ben showed up on Saturday and Jon on Sunday!

Everyone had fun going out on the boat. I even got to go out on it twice! How exciting! Wish it was more, but I guess unless I learn to drive that dumb thing I will always be the one stuck behind watching the kids. Soooo, not fair!

On Sunday we had a picnic and Uncle Doug, Aunt Patty and Tom and Beth came and hung out with us for the day. It was fun, I drank Margarita's and had a good time hanging out!

So that was our week in a nut shell!

Did I mention I am pretty sure Gillian is cutting her 3rd tooth? Only time will tell I guess but I swear I see something under the gum! More sleepless nights to come!

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