Monday, May 24, 2010

Tooth # 2!

Well I thought Finley would have popped a tooth by now but nope.....Gillian is getting her 2nd one now! It is just under the surface (which I am sure means a sleepless night coming up for me any night now) and I can see the white line just under the skin!

So exciting! AND Gillian rolled from her belly to her back the other day. Just once. I was proud of her non the less though! After she did it I got up and clapped and did the "yeaaaaaaa" and she laughed so hard and was so proud of herself! She's a cutie pie. That was it though. Hasn't done it since. Oh well!

Both the girls are eating solids like MANIACS now! Tonight they had a whole container of mixed veggies and then a whole container of green beans. They love food. Who could blame them though? I've tasted their formula, can't blame them for wanting green beans!

On a side note: We are taking our first LOOOOONNNNGGGGG camping trip with the girls for memorial day weekend. We are going up on Thursday morning and staying until Monday night. That is 5 fun days of camping. Hopefully the girls do well and dont freak out! I am losing my mind thinking about packing enough clothes for them for those 5 days. I am packing a tote for them (thanks mom for the great idea) and hopefully they will have enough clothes!

We also got the stuff for the deck at the camper and the boat in the water! Ben and Sondra came up and helped. Sondra even watched the babies for a hour while Gary and Ben took me out on the boat! It was so much fun to go out just for a little while. Talk about a much needed break! Sondra did say when I came back though something along the lines of "I'll just have one baby at a time thank you very much" Lol!! Yep, twins are no joke thats for sure!

Can't wait to go camping this weekend! I love having the boys and Sondra there! Its always so much fun. Hopefully the weather holds out. Maybe I will get to wear my new "mom suit"!

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