Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sleepless nights and pierced ears.

Ahh, where to start? Gillian decided to get up at 1:40 last night and refused to go back to bed. She wasn't cranky at all, just didn't feel like sleeping apparently. So after trying to wait her out for 2 hours I decided to throw her (not literally although man i would have loved too at that point) in her umbrella stroller and wheel her up and down the hallway and living room for about a hour.

I though she was finally asleep when I leaned forward to check and was greeted by her looking up at me with her big toothy smile. She's lucky she is so cute. I decided after that she was getting a kick out of me pushing her all over the place. I took her out and held her and rocked her to sleep around 3:30.

I carefully put her in her crib and went and laid down in bed with Gary. I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow and then at around 5:30 I woke up with Gillian in the Umbrella stroller next to my bed staring at me. Talk about freaking confusing. I wasn't sure if I left her there last night or what was going on!

I guess she got up about 45 minutes earlier and Gary strolled her to sleep and left her next to me in bed. Finley was up by 5:30 for some strange reason too so I grabbed Gillian and headed to the living room to find everyone watching TV and one tired looking Gary!

We decided after a few failed attempts to get anyone back to sleep to just put on Elmo and pray everyone would fall asleep. Gillian did but Finn was still up. We were both dozing in and out of consciousness when it ended......we put it on for a 2nd round and passed back out. I don't know how long it took of Finn watching Elmo for the 2nd time to fall asleep, all I know is I got a hour of sleep there!

After the girls got back up for the day, we made breakfast got everyone fed and dressed and headed to the mall. I was going to go to the piercing pagoda but when I asked them before they wouldn't do both ears at the same time. So I stop at Icing (like a Claires) and they had 2 girls on working so they could do both at once. Thank goodness!

After some debating on which earrings to get (we ultimately decided on pink) we decided Gillian should go first because she was good with her shots last time and didn't cry. The girls were trying to mark her dot on her ears but she kept turning towards them smiling. So after about 20 minutes of them dotting her ears and us saying "no higher, lower, more forward, blah blah blah" we gave up and grabbed Finley. She let us dot her ears in no time and when she got them pierced she looked shocked and then started to cry but I had their stupid talking Elmo with me that I kept shaking and she was fine.

Back to the end she got them pierced. It was too the point that I could have cared less if she ended up with a pierced nose and eyebrow as long as it was done! She cried pretty good too (ironic since we didn't think she would).

Anyway, they both look very cute with their earrings. Hopefully they both heal well with no problems and I never have to worry about this craziness again!

I will take pics tomorrow!

Oh yeah and the girls turned 6 months old yesterday!!! HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY GIRLS!

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