Saturday, June 12, 2010

"OooooohH Twins"

If Gary and I bring the double stroller into stores we are usually accosted quite a few times along the way by people wanting to see the girls.

If we are going into a store that has carriages that the car seats can sit in then we each take a carriage and a baby. This works out better because people don't usually realize they are twins unless we are in the same isle and next to each other.

Today Gary and I went to BJ's for the usual stuff; Diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, and coffee. We split up and headed to different parts of the store to get our stuff we needed. There was one lady that ended up in all the same isles as me. She never acknowledged me or Finley until about 4 isles later Gary came walking up with Gillian, put our carriages next to each other and started talking to me.

Now the lady looks over at us and yells "Ooooh Twins"!

Yes lady they are twins.....why is it that twins are so fascinating? She went on and on about how beautiful they were and adorable and blah blah blah but seriously what was wrong with acknowledging my ONE baby for the past 4 isles (and trust me Finley its not because your not freaking adorable, you are adorable!)

So that was my irritation of the day. I know it shouldn't bother me but I feel like if the girls were just singletons they wouldn't get 1/4 of the attention they get now.

Thank goodness they are twins though, they should have a pretty good self esteem by the time they are 2.

So besides that we got our Minivan today. Its nice. I like it. I am keeping my Tribute though and Gary is taking the Minivan. I'm just not the "Minivan Mom" type yet, I will post pics later.

Also Gillian is babbling like a crazy baby. She is shrieking and talking to herself non stop and its hysterical.


Christina said...

And it never ends!
For a bit there, people would not think mine were even twins. I started missing them asking IF they were twins, and not "How far apart are they?"

Mandibula said...

I toootally get it. I am so sick of constantly having to explain that they are twins, and though they look alike they are not identical. Lastly, I hate explaining that these children dress in feminine clothing are indeed girls. Who puts their sons in flowery dresses??

Heather said...

Yup. Been there. We get stares and people talking to us all the time and making a fuss over the twins. And then there's our 9-year-old daughter who I feel bad for and I proclaim to them, "And here's the fabulous big sister of the twins!"

But then again, I'm always sensitive when a kid has a baby brother or sister. I always make a fuss about the older child first before I check out the baby.

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