Monday, June 28, 2010

Whoops. Its been a week!

Wow, I am really slacking huh? Sorry! I can't believe the girls are going to be 7 months in a few days! Time sure is flying by!

So updates time!~


Is starting to push up on her knees and is trying to crawl! She has been my sweet little Angel for the past week or so (very uncharacteristic of her). She has 2 whole teeth and I am I am pretty sure has a top tooth coming in any time now!

She gained about 2lbs since her last doctors appt. I can't find their books with their weights and heights written down in it (which by the way is irking me as I type) so I am guessing off the top of my head Gillian was 17lbs6oz and 27 1/4 inches long.

Her nicknames around here are Bean Bean, Gilly Bean, Miss Big'ins and Mean Bean.

She has also been eating table food for a few days now and she loves anything and EVERYTHING we give her. So far she has had puffs, mum-mums, yogurt, BBQ and Teriyaki chicken, baked beans, angel food cake, cheese, banana, pancake, home fries, cantaloupe, honey dew, watermelon, mango and the bad mommy I am even gave her a small bite of my ice cream!

She is hysterical when she sits next to you and wants what ever you are eating. She spreads her arms open wide and opens her mouth and leans in at you until you give it to her. Who could resist that? Not me that's for sure!

She LOVES her freaking walking rolly thing. LOVES. She chases the dogs down in it and is pretty good at maneuvering it in and out of rooms. She is sitting up good if you watch her. She doesn't like to yet though. She would rather arch her back until you decide to help her stand up. All she wants to do is walk. Poor kid. I am pretty sure she will be walking before Finley is crawling!

She is sleeping better, most days she only gets up once or twice (sure beats 3 or 4 times) but goes down like a champ and as long as she is fed and ready for bed she takes her pacifier, her blanky (yes she has a blanky) and rolls over and goes to sleep. Oh yeah that's something new. She has been sleeping on her side now instead of her back. Sometimes I find her on her belly but Gary and I get nervous and put her back on her side when we find her like that!

That is all I can think of right now for her! I am sure there is tons more that I can't think of .

And then there is Finley!

Finley has been a terror the past week or so. She is not my normal happy, well adjusted, easy going baby anymore! I have no idea what happened but I want my Finley back! She has been cranky and has been going through some separation anxiety and cries every single time anyone she knows leaves the room. Poor thing. I feel so bad for her I just don't know what to do. I feel so bad every time I go to a different room and she freaks! I try talking to let her know I am still here but its not working. Hopefully this phase passes soon!

She wont try any foods I put in front of her except I think one puff! I just don't think she is ready yet, which is fine. She will come around at her own pace I know. She does love yogurt though!

She has finally started rolling both ways and on a constant basis! She looks so proud of herself! I am waiting for her to start pushing up on her knees and get moving in the crawling department too!

Her favorite thing to play in is her doorway jumper. She loves it when she is in it and Gillian is in her pushy car thing and they can play together in the hallway. Most of the time she bounces holding onto one strap and on one foot. Its so funny!

At her last doctors appt she also gained 2lbs and was up to 14lbs9oz and was 26 3/4 inches (if I remember correctly) She is such a little thing compared to her sister!

Finley's nicknames are Finn, Finny, Finny Finn, and peanut!

She is a pain lately to put down to sleep but has been sleeping through the night for the most part! Once she is down she is usually down for the night, she is also sleeping on her side now. Maybe that is the secret to them sleeping better?

Both the girls went in Aunty Cheryl's pool yesterday too. I am going to steal some pictures off facebook and post them of the swimming adventures in my next post. Both girls cried at first but then had a great time. Gillian looked like she was really trying to swim. She was kicking her legs in her floaty and bouncing in it. Finley was trying to kick when Gary was holding her too. Maybe I have future swimmers on my hands?

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