Sunday, June 20, 2010

We have a sitter!

Gillian has started sitting up today really well! Finally! She can stay up for at least 20 seconds on her own. I'm so proud of her.

So today is Fathers Day and we went to Uncle Dougs and Aunt Patti's for a cook out. It was fun. Uncle Darry and Jody were there and Gram is there and the boys were there. The only person missing was Dad. It was sad not to see him on Fathers Day.....I thought he was going to be there too but I guess he had to work?

Gary got up early and went golfing with Tom and little Tommy. Now he is talking about going every other weekend.......he's killing me. I do feel bad because he used to golf non stop but since we got married its been less and less. I dont think its fair he gets to run off though for hours on end and play while I am home with kids and can't run off for hours.

Unless of course I find a fun hobby to leave him stuck with the kids but what could I do? Shop? Scrapbook? Shop? Manicures? Pedicures? Shop? Hm....maybe shop.

No seriously, I need a hobby. I have been saying this for years but I do. I told Gary today he should just take the babies for 5 hours every other weekend so I can sleep. I could be a professional sleeper. Who wouldn't want a weekend to sleep in a extra 5 hours. Whats pathetic is a extra 5 hours is only to 10:00 am! I remember before I had kids I would sleep until 10 every sunday. My my how times have changed!

Okay enough about sleeping, I am getting tired thinking about it. The girls have a doctors appt on Tuesday! Can't wait to find out how big they are.

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