Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random pic time!

I decided after the girls were done with their prunes to dump the leftovers on their trays and let them smear it around for fun. Gillian dug right in, I mean as soon as it hit the tray she was all over it.

Finley on the other hand stuck one finger in it and moved it around a little bitty bit and then looked at me like I lost my mind and sat there watching Gillian in shock. I guess she is too good to get her hands dirty?

Gillian had no problems making a HUGE mess. Which was good because I was really looking for some motivation to take apart the highchairs and really clean them good. I think I got it.

Oh and I would love to say they smeared the prunes on their faces but they are just that messy of eaters! Or maybe I am a messy feeder? Either way. Its always time for a bath in this house!

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