Monday, June 14, 2010


Yep that's me. Well before I had babies I was just a crazy chic that chased down drunk drivers.

Now that I am a Mom I am a pissed off crazy chic that thinks all drunk drivers should be taken off the roads so you don't hurt my kids.....and yes I still chase them down.

So, let me back up. This all really started about 2 years ago when I left my house at around midnight and went to meet some of my friends at Dunkin Donuts. On the way I ended up with some tailgating swerving maniac behind me, I pulled over and let him pass me and realized he was drunk as all hell.

So I decided to follow him......halfway across town with the police on the phone and him pissed as hell because he realized I was following him. The cops finally caught up to us and needless to say I was thrilled. That freaking idiot almost hit at least 10 cars swerving into the wrong lane and almost ran over some poor person walking on the side of the road.

Did I mention this jackass turned out to be my next door neighbor? How insane is that? I still don't think he realizes it was me chasing his dumb self down that day and I could care less if he knows to be honest with you.

Anyway, a few weeks later Gary and I were driving and came across another drunk idiot. So of course I followed him while Gary was on the phone with the cops and they got him going into the baseball field. I seriously can't help but wonder if he was going to pick his kid up from ball practice drunk off his ass? So scary.

So tonight coming home from Mom's I got behind another one. WTH people. Why do you make me follow you? Luckily this one was a older women who was oblivious to the fact I was following her. I mean how could she realize when she was concentrating so hard on keeping her convertible on the road?

The police showed up within 5 minutes and pulled her over.

The girls were very excited to have nabbed their first drunk driver and of course I am excited to have one more idiot off the roads while me and my babies are on it!


Quadmama said...

Good for you! I've never been in the company of drunk drivers (thank goodness) as a reporter I had to witness the aftermath of far too many drunk driving crashes.

Mandy said...

Way to go you! But what is up with your town?? Sounds like they are everywhere! Maybe I Just never notice other drivers.

Jill said...

Good for you! I've never had the opportunity to do that but I totatlly would. Thanks for being such a good citizen!

Dee D said...

Wow. I did this SAME thing when I saw one on my way home! Had to call the cops like 3 times, but they finally got him when he pulled into a fast food restaurant. He ran off the road like 4 times! I felt like an undercover agent or something. That's so cool!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome of you! Thinking of all the drunk people and horrible drivers on the road is very scary!

Heather said...

Very proud of you! I can't say I've ever witnessed one, but I am very very against it. If DH and I go out and we're going to have a drink, we decide who's not so they can be the driver.

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