Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4th of July

I am very excited about the 4th. I am generally excited about any holiday where I can dress the girls up but couple that with the fact that it is in the summer just makes my day!

I have adorable dresses for the girls to take pictures in on the 4th and Grammie brought me over some headband thingys with red and blue deely boppers on them for the girls to wear while I take some pictures (that of course should be interesting).

We are going over Aunty Cheryls for the day too with the whole family and are going to cook out and play in the pool! I am so excited! We never do the 4th over there so it should be fun! And I hear the weather is going to be gorgeous! Yippee for family! My goal is to take tons of pics that day!

So besides the 4th coming up I have also been on Weight Watchers for a few days. I seriously just need to get my old body back. I am not sure where it went (vacation in Tahiti for all I know) but I am so over my fatness right now. I know I will never have my old body back, but I want as close as humanly possible please!

It sucks having Gary and I working different shifts, we both grab stuff on the go to eat which obviously isn't "healthy choices" and that is leading to both of us packing on the weight. Well not no more! I refuse to be fat. Sorry world. Your not getting me!!!

Skinny Erin.......here........I......come!


carebear7951 said...

If you find your old body...see if mine is with it. Okay? If it's in Tahiti without me...I'm going to be mad at it...but I'll still take it back. ;)

Mandy said...

I can tell you our bodies are not in Rehoboth Beach, I looked all over today for them!

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