Thursday, January 21, 2010

What not to say in public........

So, Gary and I went to the store yesterday and got the truck and started to put the stuff in the back and I went to grab the babies to put them in. From the time they were born we put Finley behind the drivers seat and Gillian the more needy baby behind the passenger seat. This way if she needed something like her pacifier I could reach her from the drivers seat easier. So anyway, I grabbed the closest baby to me yesterday and went to go load her in behind the driver seat and realized it was Gillian and not Finley. So I yelled over to Dh "Oh man, this is the wrong baby.......Oh well". And he didn't think to much of it at first and then started laughing. How would you react if you heard a mother say she had the wrong baby?! Lol. I'm lucky I didn't arrested!


Mandibula said...

Hahaha! Hilarious!

Have you been bombarded by twin questions yet? If they are twins, their sexes, weird questions about your pregnancy and delivery from total strangers? I hate that soo much!

We've started telling people that we found one on our way in, or that they're giving them away in aisle 5!

Erin said...

Omg, I get all sorts of stupid questions. The most annoying is when I have them both dressed in head to toe pink and someone says "two boys?"! Lol. Yes....I dress my boys in pink. Idiots. And I get "did you do Invitro"? all the freaking time! Who asks that???

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