Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pedi Appt tomorrow!

The girls have a appt tomorrow with the pedi! Can't wait to see how much they have gained! Gillian at her last appt was 7lbs90z and Finley was 5lbs12oz. I honestly think Gillian is around the 11lb mark and Finn around the 8lb mark. We will see though! I wonder if Finley will ever catch up to Gillian? Or if she will be a peanut forever?

Well......its too late at night to ponder all this stuff. We have a 8:30 appt in the morning which if you ask me is entirely too early for any mother of two babies to be expected at the doctors. By the time I get up and get myself ready and then them ready and in the car and everything else taken care of it could take hours! Ugh, so I am getting up at 7 tomorrow and praying its enough time to do everything. Hopefully the girls sleep like good girls tonight!

Better go to bed now I guess.

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Mandibula said...

Does your Pedi make babies come in early too? I always get the first appointment of the day which is CRAZY! And they are always hungry and fussy! I'm hoping for great weights! My girls kept flip flopping and now we have Emma who is long and lean(a.k.a. Stretch) and Claire who is short and solid (a.k.a. Tank).

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