Friday, January 22, 2010

Somethings gotta give........right?

Well.....the girls are 7 weeks old today and I still can't get them to sleep in their crib! What the heck am I doing wrong? I have tried everything I can think of and nothing is working. I have a white noise machine, I have tried swaddeling, putting them down when they start to get tired, putting them down after they are asleep, rocking them....nothing is working. I go back to work in a week and I was hoping to have them sleeping in their room by then. Its not looking good!

So, they are sleeping in their swing and bouncer. Ironically I tried to get them to sleep in their crib for a hour tonight (up every 3 minutes to put Gillians pacifier back in her mouth) and after no luck the second I put her in her bouncer she passed out. Why? What is the freaking difference???!!! What am I doing wrong? Same with Finley.....she was wide eyed and staring at me every time I went in the room and I put her in her swing (not even swinging) and she passed right out. I dont know why I care. I know eventually they will end up in their cribs (they will right) so I am trying not to panick but its more mentally annoying to me!

Any tips? Advice? Anything???? Maybe just tell me you went through the same thing! Yep, that will make me feel better.


Anonymous said...


I handy hint that I have that worked really well with my daughter, is to put the rocker IN the crib, then put them into the rocker.

It will help them get used to the sounds/smells/sights in their own crib, and eventually they should adjust!


Christina said...

You know, mine were sleeping in swings and bouncers until about 7-8 weeks. Seriously. They wouldn't have anything to do with their cribs until then.
Once thing I do want to say, is try not to "manipulate" them to sleep in there. When they are ready, they'll do it, and you don't want them getting used to ANYTHING to help them fall asleep. They should go in there, be swaddled, and fall asleep. If you start now with the rocking and what not, you'll run into major, major sleep issues. :)
Anyway, give them a couple more weeks, but keep trying! My girls have been sleeping in there since about 7-8 weeks like I said, and we've never went back. If you need any help/advice or what not, feel free to email me. We have amazing sleepers, and I'm always willing to help anyone out in that department.

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