Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ass-a What?

Very random post. Today was bath night. Cousin Stacey came over to help with them! Thank goodness because I need someone to do the water! Okay, okay, I didn't need someone to do the water but I had to make Stacey feel important so she's the "water"! And she did a fabulous job too I might add! She made sure the babies were nice and wet at all times! So after the baths I got a call from my brother. They wanted to come over and hang out with the babies for a bit and eat all my food so I told them to come on over.

My brother Ben apparently pulled a muscle in his back trying to decide between Gatorade or mountain dew in Mobile this morning. Yeah you heard me right. He pulled a muscle in his back thinking. Can't quite figure it out myself yet. But anyway he was telling Stacey and I how he did it and that as soon as he did it he got some Excedrin. Stacey and I said "Excedrin? That's for Migraines" and he proceeds to tell us "Oh No, NO, Its good for backaches too. It has caffeine and (bear with me now so I can try to make you understand exactly how he pronouced the next word) Ass-ah-mit-a-pha". read it right and as slow as you read it, he said it. It was very amusing. Stacey somehow figured out what he really meant before I did. Have you figured it out yet? I am sure that if Stacey wasn't there I would still be standing there going "Huh"? Anyway. He meant acetaminophen. Ahhh, what a idiot.

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