Friday, November 6, 2009

Stress me out test part 2!

So I had my second NST yesterday and when I got hooked up it appeared it was going to be a good appt this time! Baby A passed in no time, unfortunatly baby B was a different story this time around and decided it was time to take a nap! So the nurse came in and told me Baby B failed her test and to make it even better she had a deceleration of her heartrate during one of my contractions. This can mean that the placenta is starting to breakdown early and couple the decel with the sudden laziness of my crazy baby bought me a trip to the ultrasound room. So after a few hours of waiting for a opening for a biophysical ultrasound and them hooking me up to a IV to pump some liquids into my stupid contracting ass, I finally got my ultrasound and they said everything looked good. Thank goodness! If the baby didn't start moving I would have ended up with a c-section yesterday! Yikes! Reality strikes again!

So seriously, I need to pack the babies bags (which appears I should definatly be packing preemie clothes) and my bag sometime soon!

On a funny side note, I really dont like calling people when things get crazy......I dont want people to get all worked up over nothing. But I called my mom.....dont ask me why I call my mom before my husband? I think it has something to do with the fact that shes a nurse and I think she can stay calm if I tell her something crazy going on with the babies! Yesterday though after I told her what was going on and then told her not to come down and I would call her after the ultrasound she decided to come anyway!

I was in my ultrasound and another tech called in "Is Erin in there.....because her mom is here". How did she even find me!!?? Lol! I could just picture her in the hospital "FIND MY DAUGHTER"! Lol. I almost died when she told me she rushed over there so fast from work that she almost rear ended a flower truck! Lol...last time she gets the call!

So I have a growth scan this morning at UConn.....pray that goes well, I can't take anymore craziness this week!

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Melissa Ann said...

I'm sorry the NST's are stressing you out! They stressed me out too. I found the secret to getting the little ones to cooperate is to drink a smoothie or milkshaker or a big thing of juice about 20 minutes before you start the test. The babies will be hopping around like sugar crazed children and usually pass in no time!

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