Monday, November 30, 2009

So close, but yet so far away........

Well, where to start? I am 36w3d today. My last NST on Friday the babies actually cooperated but my BP was a little high at 155/95. So the nurse wanted to run a toxemia screen on me. After 2 nurses trying to draw my blood and getting no where they finally called in the IV nurse who managed to get it!

Today I went in for my NST and again the babies cooperated but my BP was still elevated, so the nurse called Dr. Cluett and after she came back she told me to go home, lay on my side and not to move unless I had to use the bathroom until I went for my appt tomorrow with Cluett. She said at this rate she didn't think Cluett was going to let me go past 37 weeks. Of course this freaks me out because I am going to be 37 weeks on Friday. Now I know I keep saying I want these two out of me but to be honest with you I am scared to death of my impending c-section! I can't stop freaking out about it. I guess I just need to just keep on telling myself that its going to be fine and everything will go smoothly and at the end I am going to have two beautiful baby girls!

This reminds me of how freaked out I was before my egg retrieval! After that was done I thought it was a peice of cake so I am sure I will be fine after my section as well but its just the anxiety part of it that I can't take leading up to it!

So besides that Thanksgiving was great. We went to my brothers house and the whole family did dinner over there. It was nice not having to do anything!

Then on Saturday we went to the Tree Farm and cut down our Christmas Tree. I have to say too we got the most perfect tree! Gary decorated it too and it looks sooo beautiful! I am going to try to take pics tomorrow night.

Then yesterday was my birthday and we had the family over for Shepherds Pie and cake.

So....I kept saying all I wanted to make sure I got done before the babies got here was Thanksgiving, getting our Tree and turning the BIG 30 and it looks like all that is done so I guess the babies can come!

And to make matters better I made it to December so my girls will have a beautiful Turquois birthstone! See everything works out after all!

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cat said...

Congratulations on going so long. My boys were delivered at 37 weeks 1day and were fine. Happy birthday - mine is on Friday so maybe your girls will share one with me. Also, they have added the Tanzanite (lovely lue) stone as the modern birthstone for December - also a great one.

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