Monday, November 23, 2009

35w3d........Is it almost time to get these things outta me????

Well I made it to the 35 week mark! Not that I ever doubted I would, but here I am. Its also nearly 2 in the morning and I am up in agony from all the pressure the babies are putting on my belly and hips! Oh the fun! I really want my girls to make it to the 37 week mark but really....this is getting insane!!!!!

I never in a million years though being pregnant with twins was going to be so darned painful! I mean, I knew it wasn't going to be fun, but never thought it would come to this! Lol!! My belly hurts, my hips hurt, my pelvis is freaking killing me, I can't sleep, I can't lay down, I can't sit, it all hurts. I can't wait for it to go away!

Everyone I come across says something too......."WOW, you must be overdue", "You look like your ready to pop any second", "Holy Cow.....are you pregnant with twins"! Lol. I am like a freak of nature that everyone feels the need to stare at when I go out! I am also a walking freaking ad for birth control the way teenage girls have been staring at me! Lol.

The crazy thing is that as much as I want them out I want to keep them in just out of sheer fear of what comes next! I dont know what labor is like....., will I go into labor, will I end up making it 38 weeks and having a c section scheduled? Will my water break? Will the epidural hurt, will the recovery of the section be horrible? Will I know what to do with two babies once I get them home? Is this going to be way harder than I think its going to be? All these things keep running through my mind and I am trying to block them out. I know its inevitable and I am going to find out soon enough! I guess I'll let you know!

Welp, that was my pity me post! I am going to try to go lay back downa and get a couple more hours sleep....yeah right!

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Melissa Ann said...

At 35 weeks I was sleeping with five pillows to support all that baby weight! One under my head, two between my legs, one behind my back pretty much tucked under me, and one tucked under my belly. And it was an act of congress just to get out of bed even though I slept mere inches from the edge! Congrats on 35 weeks!
Delivery was heavy on my mind at that time too; especially since I had a breech baby A. A C-section isn't that bad and it's made easier by getting to know the little people.
I wrote a couple posts that might be helpful for you. One was my birth story (I'll add that the "bee sting" numbing shot was far worse than the Spinal was) and the other is my c-section tips. I hope that helps you feel more prepared!
Melissa Ann

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