Monday, November 9, 2009


UGH!!!! So, I had my 3rd NST today and I even brought a banana and granola bars with me....just in case. Well, I must have hyped the babies up so much because baby B wouldn't stay on the monitor. Every time we would get her on she would move and they just couldn't get a good reading from her. I was there from 8am-12:20pm!!! Finally they called my doctor and she just let me go. She probably felt sorry for me! Lol. So next one I scheduled for Thursday at 2:00! Maybe a different time of day will give me different results! Lol. Yeah right! So that was my day so far. Another 4+ hours at the freaking hospital!

Ooh please please let my next one go better than the past 3!

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kerry said...

Bummer! My guys were pretty cooperative this week in their NST, but last week, Baby B was moving off the monitor, too. But I wasn't at the hopsital nearly that long--so sorry for you!
The NST seems like dumb test to me anyway--oh well!

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