Saturday, November 14, 2009

34w1d and a Great steak dinner!

Well, I finally got that Filet Mignon I have been craving since the beginning of my pregnancy! Gary, me, my mom and my brothers all went out to the Texas Roadhouse tonight and had a good time and even better.....good food! So, I told the babies they can officially come now because I finally got my steak!

OH Yeah and here is a picture of me today........getting so much bigger!!! Eeeks. I can't wait to see how much bigger I can possibly get!


Shannon said...

oh texas roadhouse.. I loooove texas roadhouse !!! It was my last restaurant visit before the babies came ! haha You look like your ready to pop !!!

Erin said...

Maybe it will be last restaurant visit before the babies come! Lol. That would be nice.

kerry said...

So funny! We decided at the last minute on saturday night to go out to dinner too, and luckily found a babysitter! IT was a great night out, probably our last for a LONG time, and I had filet mignon, too :) SO, so, yummy, and good for the babies, too! We've gotta live it up while we can, right????

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