Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Double Trouble!!!

So today I am 6w4d and went for my first ultrasound and ITS TWINS! I seriously can't believe it!!! Gary and I are so excited! We saw their little heartbeats flickering too and it was just absolulty amazing! They are both measuring exactly 6w4d also so the RE that was great! I have my next ultrasound in a week and then I can be released to my OB and I can't wait!

So, besides that fantastic news at 6 weeks the morning sickness kicked in. Somedays have been worse than others but I dont care, because to be honest with you, I'M PREGNANT!!! And that is all I care about. I could throw up all day long and I dont care!

Well Gary is home with my Big Mac.....I am eating for 3 now so I think its allowed! Lol!


Buzzys Mama said...

COGRATULATIONS!!!! THAT IS FANTABULOUS! Here's to a happy healthy 9 months (or 8-ish as is the case with twins!) Have u guys decided on names? Will you find out genders? Soooo, exciting! Congrats again.
<3Buzzys Mama

Anonymous said...

yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! im so freaknig excited!!! congrats !

Kelley said...

Hooray for your little beans! Love the fact that you got to see heartbeats today! That's fantastic!

Lisa said...

Congratulations!!! Twins are a double blessing!!!

Amy said...

I am so very, very happy for you Erin. This has been a long time coming, and now you're going to be a mommy to TWO beautiful little babies. Ah I can't wait to follow this entire journey with you. I am so glad you're not on the ttc journey anymore! I am just going to cry with you!!!


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