Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well, Things seem to be going good so far! I have had some pretty good morning sickness for a few days here and there. It seems to come and go as it pleases. Some days I have it horrible and throw up alot and then it seems to dissapear for two or three days. At least its giving me a break. Either way, it doesn't matter, I am pregnant and that is all I really care about at this point. I dont care if I have to throw up 50x a day, as long as I am pregnant!

So, starting about a week ago I started trying to find the babies HB's with the doppler. On Sunday night I finally found one! It was 170bpm and sounded so beautiful!!! I couldn't find baby B though until yesterday. I turned on my right side and finally found what I think was baby B's hb. Either that or I pushed baby A up from laying on my side? Not really sure anymore. Anyway, it was slower so I am assuming it was baby B.

My next appt is at UConn for the NT scan on June 15th. I really didn't want to even do this stupid test but decided it will give me a chance to see the babies and make sure everything is okay and give me peice of mind so I guess thats a good thing. I have already told myself if the results do turn out to be less than favorable I am not going to panick. I heard you get so many false positives from the bloodwork and most of the time everything is fine so I'm not gonna put too much weight in it.

Gary and I have been camping every weekend. It helps the time fly by too, we have been taking the dogs and just relaxing up there. Its nice to get away on the weekends. I am starting to HATE my job lately. I need to think of something.....anything that I can do to make money and stay home! I just dont know that I will be able to keep working here after the babies are born. I just feel so bored here all day long, I need something a little more stimulating and fulfilling I think. Dealing with bitchy freaking old people all day is not my idea of fun anymore!

Well, I guess I will get back to my hellhole of a job and try to get something accomplished for the day! I will take another belly pic maybe tonight!

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Anonymous said...

hey its susy
yay for belly pics and thats so cool you're camping so much! i wanna go!

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