Monday, May 11, 2009

Next ultrasound

Well tomorrow is my last visit with my RE and my last u/s until my OB gives me one at 12 weeks. Its gonna be a long long month! Hopefully everything is still okay from last week. I am freaking out worrying (as usual) that something has gone wrong! I can't take the worry anymore. Its killing me. I know it will probably be like this for the next 30 years with them but I wish I could gain a little bit of control over it at least for the time being, for my own sanity for goodness sakes. I think when you try so hard for a baby for so long your only concern is its going to be taken from you once you achieve it. I think day and night about it, it is consuming me. Everyday I analyze my symptoms more and more and google more and more (which by the way is a horrible idea for anyone)!

I hope after I see my babies tomorrow I will calm down a little until my first Ob appt.

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Kerri said...

Step away from google! LOL

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