Monday, April 13, 2009

Its Official!

As soon as I got out of work I ran to Walgreens and picked up $60.00 worth of tests and sped home and POAS! Within about 5 seconds I could see a line forming and I started screaming for Gary.....he wasn't moving fast enough, so I yelled for him again. When he finally got in to the bathroom all I could do was look at him and start shaking and crying. He didnt' even have to look at the test he knew. I honestly can't believe this day has finally come! Gary and I have been TTC for 3 long years and to finally POAS (after the hundreds I have already pee'd on) and to see that second line is just amazing to me. I can't wait for my beta on Friday, maybe after that it will seem a little more real to me! I posted a pic of the on it and it makes it bigger and you can see it better!

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