Saturday, April 11, 2009

5dp3dt and all the thoughts that go with it.....

Well, I am 5 days past my transfer and I honestly feel like I could lose my flipping mind! Could this 2WW go by any slower if it tried? I am analyszing every single twinge I feel and there have been quiet a few of them....mostly slight AF cramping....and I dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing at this point. I am hoping its a good sign. I did POAS stick today and it was a BFN so I guess I will hold off a couple more days and test again. The PIO shots are kicking my butt too...literally! I dont think I can take one more! My whole entire bum is killing me and I am bruised beyond belief! I think its insane that considering the fact I was deathly afraid of needles before I started IVF, I manage to do these injections every single night! The lupron and stims were nothing, but I never thought I would be sticking a needle a inch and half long into my ass muscle daily....willingly!

On a side note Gary and I finished most of the kitchen a few weeks ago with the exception of painting the walls and we have been trying to find the perfect color. We decided we wanted a yellow so we went with a color called pale lemon and that turned out nothing like what we looked good in the kitchen with the natural light but as soon as we started painting down the hallway the yellow looked Neon and horrible. So that was paint color #1, paint color #2 was a kinda greenish blueish color......and it was horrible, then we decided to go with a more green less blue color and that one turned out too minty....kinda sherbert like and that was horrible. So after many hours online we finally decided with a color called Barly by Benjamin Moore. It has a bit of gold in it I think and is perfect for the kitchen. So finally we have the perfect color in there and now all Gary has to do is finish painting and everything will be 100% done! When it is I will post pics! The difference is shocking!

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