Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ahhhh sweet relief!

Ahhh I finally POOPED!!! After eating about 10 prunes and downing some prune juice and then decided maybe a cup of coffee would work since I havent' one in so long, It finally worked......maybe a little too well too! Lol. Oh well, I'm cleaned out for now. Oh the relief. I can eat again. I couldn't fit one more thing in my belly if I tried!

So, besides my horrible constipation issue everything else seems to be going good. I had my second beta yesterday and it was 917! My first one was 224 so that was a good doubling time. My next appt is Monday for my 3rd beta and I have my u/s scheduled for May 5th! I can't wait! I just hope everything goes well. I am stressing myself out thinking about all the things that could happen and its driving me crazy. I have to just keep on telling myself everything is going to be alright and have faith in God that he is going to keep me and the bean safe!

Gary and I went out to Target tonight and checked out the cribs and the bedding and all sorts of fun other baby stuff. We decided we are not going to find out what we are having so we found a cute Winnie the Pooh bedding set that i guess would do. I love that we are going to wait to find out and I hate that we are not going to find out! I always had these dreams of my cute nurserys for my little boys or girls and now everything is going to just be blah gender neutral!

Well, I guess I have blabbed enough for the day. Off to finish watching The Biggest Loser and eat some kettle corn! Yum!

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