Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I think its setting in now

I'M PREGNANT!!!! For some reason I am having a hard time believing it? Can't imagine why? I guess after TTC for 3 years I never in a million years expected IVF to work the first time. Nothing ever comes easy for me, at least that seems to be the trend. At this point I am praying every single day that everything works out and nothing terrible happens and I end up with a beautiful baby in the future!

So I figured out my due date is 12/25/09! Its a good day, my dad was born on Chrismtas and is so excited he is going to be a grandpa and to have a grandchild with a birthday near his is pretty exciting to him. I told my parents yesterday. I planned on waiting until after my beta but I felt horrible keeping it from my mother! So we were on the phone yesterday and she was blabbering on with the "what if I'm pregnant" ramblings and I finally just said "I am", she had a long pause and said "Huh, What? What did you just say" Lol. It took her a minute to process it and once she did she couldnt believe apparently that I knew how to take a test so she asked me how I knew! Lol, finally to satisfy her I had to send her a pic of one of my tests......that I am conventiently carrying around in my pocketbook everyday! Lol. After she saw the lines she finally agree's.....I'M PREGANANT~!

Its pretty surreal at this point. I mean, I know what the test is telling me, and aside from some slight nausea I dont feel pregnant at all? I just want to make it through the first trimester.

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