Monday, April 6, 2009

Transfer Day!

Well today was transfer day! The two eggs that fertilized turned into beautiful embies! The RE said they are both 8 cell and one is a Grade 1 and the other a Grade 2, so they are perfect! We decided since they were my only two not to push them to day 5 and go ahead with the transfer today. It went fast and was alot like the 4 IUI's I had.....except I was on a incline this time. After the transfer Dh and I went out to Walmart quick to get a printer and then out to Chili's to eat lunch. Now I am home bored! Good thing its rainy out today or it would be hard to keep me on the couch! That has pretty much been my day. I put up pics of me in my silly hair net (why they make you wear them is beyond me) and the other is my two hopefuls! I sure hope this works! It was such a emotional experience to get that pic of my embies and watch them be put inside of me! So nuts! I already feel a bond to them and I am not even pregnant. It is just so strange to think that 2 embies are inside me floating around! Please pray for me guys. Its been a long, long, long almost 3 years and while I do believe I am strong enough to keep fighting and go through more cycles if I have to, I really dont want to! I just want this craziness to end! I want to be done with TTC and move on to having a baby!!!

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Angie said...

I'm so happy things went good!! Those embies sound perfect! Praying your babies are snuggling in for a long 9 months!!

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