Saturday, June 11, 2011

Twin Tip time!

I am far from an expert but I've decided I should share my wealth of knowledge about Twins! I've decided to post weekly my "Twin Tips" and maybe it will help some poor schmuck dear expecting mom of multiples!

Feeding Tip:

When the girls first came home and we were both here Gary and I would each take a baby and feed them. Very easy and convenient if you have a 2nd set of hands that's for sure.

You will quickly realize at some point (unless your wealthy and can afford a nanny-unfortunately I don't fall into that category) that one, or both of you, will have to go back to work.

At this moment panic will set in. How will you feed 2 babies at once? One will surely be left to cry while you are feeding the other! OM FREAKING G!

My advice, get 2 boppy's and set them both up on your couch facing you. Get your bottles and your babies put  in their boppy's with you in between them.  Now ladies stick those bottles in those babies mouths! Yes at the same time!

I was shocked to learn there was a twin mama out there that was feeding her babies one after the other. What a waste of your already precious time.

I also used to put the girls in their bouncers and feed them at the same time in those, so if that floats your boat then try that.

But please please unless your breastfeeding (and good for you if you are, I pumped for a few months and that was hard enough) there is no reason why you shouldn't be feeding them both together! Even if you are breastfeeding get a My Breast Friend and try to tandem nurse them!

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Mandy said...

Could not agree more! I'd rather have one on one time doing something fun! I also liked to start a load of laundry or something running while I fed them so I didn't feel like they were running the show!

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